It is a great pity, but the dog`s lifetime is too short , our beloved animals pass away too early. Why and for what? This question has no answer. Life is complicated, contradictory, sometimes cruel and pityless. But it has always been and will always be so. And our sorrow for a beloved dog`s loss is not less deep that the grief for a dear person`s passing away. It is painful when an animal who has lived a long and happy life ceases to be. But it is much more painful when human passions and ambitions mix in the natural order of things.
Envy, one of the most powerful and dark human passions, knows not boundaries and is not subject to any rational arguments. It is still possible - not to forgive of course, but at least to understand one lifting his hand against the person who seems to him the course of his failures and agony. But now to understand a man who settles a score with his “enemy” at the price of sufferings and death of innocent animals?..
In a couple of hours after the sadly memorable to us dog show in Riga during which everybody standing near the bulldog ring were smiling sweetly and congratulating us upon our victory one of our dogs, the pride of our breeding and the hope of our kennel, suddenly fell ill. In spite of all taken measures and all veterinary surgeon`s efforts in several hours more he died. The dissection and the following examination revealed poisoning and defined the composition of the poison which had killed the ten-month-old bulldog. It was his show debut, the beginning of his show star career.
Our other dogs who took part in the show fell ill too, they underwent a serious cure and seemed to be healthy for a certain period of time, but still their organisms could not cope with the after-effect of the poisoning and irrespectable of all the vets` efforts the animals died – one in a year, the second a bit later.
In short, the show had no consequences only for our veteran who did not already stand in anybody`s way.
Beginners and experienced exponents, by our sad example we warn and adjure you to be vigilant and once more vigilant at the show and not only then! It is not at all necessary that a queer fellow with a syringe in his hand will come up stealthily to your dog. It can be a child who will treat the dog to a sweet or a bisquit, as it has been in our case. And then… it will be too late to cry.
Unexperienced exponents whose dogs make success on the show-ring often are surprised by the groundless defaming rumours about themselves and their dogs. But it is quite simple: those whose own level is low try to depreciate another`s level. As the remarkable poet Sergey Mikhalkov has said, to obtain everybody`s love you must observe the following rule: to be poor, ungifted and sick (incurably as far as possible). Then there will be no reason to envy you and everybody will just adore you!
And one more warning. There is such thing as professional ethics. A real professional will never allow himself to detract somebody other`s dogs, especially behind the owner`s back, but a hopeless diletant can easily be recognized by his loud voice and absence of conscience. And if such is the person from whom you are going to buy a puppy, take our advice and break off relations with him at once. You see, it is quite possible that some day it will be he to stab you in your back.
Our lost dogs will never come back, and we shall never forget the pain we have experienced. Nothing doing, dogs are more honest and decent than certain people.




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