Kennel Arrangement

Many of my colleagues - mutual dog owners, comrades and myself for many years have worked at state cynologic kennels, so a lot of pluses and minuses of “collective dog keeping” are known to us, so to say, from inside. Because of that during our private personal kennel arrangement we tried to avoid things not suitable just for bulldogs and, vice versa, to create the most comfortable conditions for them.
So we`d like to share our experience with those novice bulldoggers who are just going to arrange the place of residence for their bulldogs. Moreover I ask you to bear in mind that I mean not two or three bulldogs who can leave in your flat, but a considerable quantity of dogs who must be provided with their own living acommodations.
• In case of collective keeping of any animals in closed premises a forced ventilation system must be fixed up there to avoid incorrect air exchange and excessive humidity. The excessive humidity provoke any respiratory organs diseases with the animals who have a shortened nasopharynx and a narrow trachea such as bulldogs have. The look of the ventilation system will not adorn your interior of course, but the animals` health is more important, you may believe us. And as a capacity of hardening and prophylaxis for bulldogs we can recommend the so called “salt inhalations” which we organize in autumn and winter two- three times a week. In that purpose you are to incandesce 1-2kg of coarse-ground common salt upon a griddle and to sprinkle it intensively with the bath solution containing eucalyptus and other odoriferous plants. The mixture is to be left inside the kennel until it is completely cold (for 30-40 minutes). The ventilation for the moment is naturally to be switched off!
• For floor and walls tiling in dogs` compartments use large size Dutch tile to have the least quantity of seams. It makes cleaning and disinfection easier and does not allow development of different spores, fungi and bacteria. Dutch tile is of course cold material and it is harmful for the dogs to lie upon it; so in order to avoid the cropping up of different diseases of dogs bones, joints and muscles we recommend to make the floor in your kennel with warming up, it is to place the heating system under the floor. It is best of all to keep the temperature in the kennel up to 16-18 degrees and not higher because intensively warmed up animals can catch cold during a walk in a wet and cold weather. For everyday cleaning it is worth to use light disinfectants which also neutralize odors. We use “Almyrol”.
For additional prophylaxis of virus and infectious diseases the premises of the kennel once a week are irradiated with a special lamp killing microorganisms - in the absence of the animals of course. But it is not worth to be too enthusiastic about it in order not to kill all wholesome microflora and finally not to come to the result contrary to the desired one.
• In hot summer weather bulldogs are very sensitive to overheating. So it is quite essential to have air condition in the kennel, whatever excess it will seem at first sight. But one has to watch temperature regime attentively not to overdo and not to let the dogs catch cold.
But even if you have created the most comfortable and accurate living conditions for your dogs, you must not forget that bulldogs will never be content and healthy without everyday emotional contacts with people. To avoid the emotional loneliness, the so called “kennel syndrome”, and to adapt young dogs to different noises and sounds as much as possible we recommend in your absence to leave in the kennel a switched-on radio set. But no technical novelty can substitute live physical contact, so do not forget after finishing obligatory everyday routine to stroke and to caress your pets. Their emotional health is not less important than their physical health!


Kennel photogallery